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Replacement parts for Nissan vehicles  

Click here to find useful links for a Nissan Terrano

At the moment spare parts for Nissan vehicles are extremely expensive when you buy it directly from the dealrs. Generally the dealers of any make of vehicle in South Africa are rip-offs and should be prevented. Vehicle manufaturers normally hide behind the so called "original parts" bull to persuide customers to buy their overly expensive parts from them instead of from the part shop. Vehicle manufacturers sell normal parts like example ATE brake pads as "original" parts, packed in different packaging of course. Especially for imported vehicles like the Nissan Terrano you will save yourself up to 4000% if you can rather locate spares elsewhere. If you look at the difference in price at the Terano page (click here) you would be amazed at how governement can allow something like this. My advice is to shop around before you buy spares from a dealer from any make of vehicle in South Africa.

Nissans we currently have replacements for:

Nissan X-Trail - Click here
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